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Domino Derval is a character, from the James Bond movie, Thunderball. She is the love interest of James Bond, and originally, the mistress of Emilio Largo

Bond first meets Domino, while she is working for Emilo Largo. The two meet, and are attracted to each other right away. Bond eventually convinces her to stop working for Largo, when he tells her that Largo killed her brother. This gets Domino angry at Largo. She then decides to help Bond stop Largo.

Domino gets kidnapped by Largo's men shortly after. She is soon able to break free, and finds Largo, holding Bond at gunpoint, ready to shoot him. Domino takes a harpoon and shoots Largo in the back, killing him.

Bond and Domino are soon rescued by the CIA, and the two kiss in the air while being carried by a sky hook.

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