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Dolly is a character from the James Bond movie, Moonraker. She is the love interest of Jaws .

Jaws first met Dolly when she rescues him from a cable car which Bond trapped him in. The two smile at each other, and fall for each other right away. The two walk with each other hand in hand.

Dolly later appears on Hugo_Drax's ship, while Drax gives Jaws orders to kill Bond, Dolly's smile causes Jaws to reform, and he attacks Drax's men, letting Bond and Holly Goodhead escape. Jaws then becomes an alley of Bond, and he helps then escape from the ship.

At the end, Jaws and Dolly drink champain together, and Jaws says his first line in the series, "well, heres to us".

It is unknown what happened to the two, but it is revealed that they survived after the Moonraker exploded.

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