Dog (CatDog)
Dog is one of the main characters and the love interest of Shriek in CatDog. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.

In "Shriek Loves Dog", she never pounded Dog but only Cat. So Cat gets Dog and Shriek a couple, Cat takes a nap, and then Dog starts Shriek, later they are married and Cat get forced to work for the Greasers, and later reveals that it was only a nightmare. Cat decided that Dog's relationship with Shriek will go worse against Cat.

In "The Lady is a Shriek", Shriek gets a makeover in order to impress Dog, but didn't work out because she is mistaking for a male, Shriek takes off her makeover, and Dog said that she already look better this way without her makeover.

In "The End", Shriek confesses her love for Dog and kisses him.

In "No Thanks for the Memories", Shriek wishes to that she was Dog's princess.

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