Doctor K is the love interest of Ziggy Grover, later girlfriend and later wife from Power Rangers: RPM.

Her Story

She is the mentor to the RPM rangers. She has a task to create the equipment for the Rangers to keep Corinth City safe. She gives Scott, Summer, and Flynn RPM morphers to let them become Ranger Operator Series Red, Yellow, and Blue respectively. After Ziggy and Dillon became Ranger Operator Series Green and Black, Ziggy begins to have romantic feelings for Doctor K. However, Doctor K often outright state if she doesn't like Ziggy or approve of him. She was also shown to be friends with Gem and Gemma.She and Ziggy's relationship is distinctly complicated and strained, but after her attempt at showing her appreciation towards them, she tends to get easily exasperated by his personality. It is eventually revealed that she likes Ziggy. She also realized that her computer password is his name. Their relationship finally began to turn around after they got trapped in a cave together and he had to bring it upon himself to make her smile during their dire situation. After the final battle with Venjix, Doctor K states that she and Ziggy are going to open a school for youngsters as she and Ziggy are in a romantic relationship. She is last seen locking up the RPM morphers for good.

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