Dimitri is the deuteragonist and love interest of the titular protagonist in the 1997 Don Bluth animated film, Anastasia.


Dimitri started out as a young servant boy who worked at the Romanov's palace in the kitchen.

During the attack of the villainious Rasputin, he first meets Anastasia when he saves her and her paternal grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie, by sending them through the servants' quarters and out into safety.

Ten years later, he is now a con man in search of an Anastasia look-alike in hopes of handing her over to the Dowager Empress to earn the the ten million rubles. He eventually runs into Anya inside the Romanov palace.  He takes advantage of her great likeness offering to lead her to the Empress Marie. He, Anya, Vladimir and Pooka head to Paris and meet Marie who denies seeing her because of being fooled before by imposters.  That night, he, Vladimir and Anya went to the Russian ballet for the first time. When Dimitri begins his scheme to trick her after Marie tells him who he really is, Anya became very upset at him after discovering that Dimitri used her as part of his con to get Marie's money and stormed out.

Anya is reunited with Marie later that evening. The next day, Marie offers Dimitri the reward money but he would not do it and decides to go back to Russia. However when Anya is attacked by Rasputin, Dimitri catches a plane back to Russia, however he soon develops last minute feelings for Anya. He goes back to find her only to see her hanging from a part of the destroyed bridge he rescues her briefly before being fended off by a cursed stone flying horse. When Anya stepped on Rasputin's reliquary the horse fell apart in pieces in which some of the debris knocked out Dimitri. Anya who presumes the Dimitri steps on the reliquary more until it was destroyed which in turn manages to destroy Rasputin. With Rasputin gone, Dimitri and Anya reconciled and head back to St. Petersburg together after Anya finally discovers the truth, eloping at the end of the film.





  • He is voiced by John Cusack with Jonathan Dokuchitz doing his singing voice and Glenn Walker Harris Jr as his younger self.
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