Devin is one of the main characters of the Total Drama spin-off series, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. He is a constant in the Race around the world and is partners with his main love interest and childhood best friend Carrie.



Carrie is Devin's childhood friend and main love interest. He and Carrie met in a sandbox and she secretly fell in love with him, but ever since he has remained completely unaware of her true feelings for him and he already has a girlfriend named Shelley, much to Carrie's dismay. After Shelley dumps Devin for dating her tennis instructor Ashton while Devin and Carrie in Australia, he cries aloud and goes in 7 stages of heartbreak. After Devin moves on in Las Vegas, he finally begins to realizes he is in love with Carrie but Carrie begins to get over Devin after wasting so many years to tell him how she feels and appearing he is starting to take her for granted. However, it's later revealed she was never over him at all and they become a couple.


Shelley is Devin's former girlfriend.



  • He is voiced by Jeff Geddis who is also well known for his role as Reef from Stoked.

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