Del Blaine is the love interest of Jimmy Tong from the 2002 action comedy film, The Tuxedo. She is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.


She first meets Jimmy while Jimmy is stepping in for Clark Devlin, wearing his tuxedo and impersonating him while Clark Devlin is out of commission. At first, Del believes that Jimmy is just acting weird, but when she finds out that Jimmy is impersonating Clark Devlin, she tries to get rid of Clark's tuxedo and manages to stop the villain Dietrich Banning on her own by faking a desire to become a turncoat for the Banning Corporation. Meanwhile Jimmy goes back to being a taxi driver and discovers that Devlin rented a second tuxedo for Jimmy himself before Clark was out of commission. Jimmy discovers that he can be an excellent agent. Jimmy manages to rescue Del by defeating Dietrich and his henchmen while wearing his own tuxedo as he and Del escape.

By the end of the film, Del begins to have romantic feelings for Jimmy and Jimmy becomes attracted to her, after he is rejected by the pretty gallery worker he loved since the beginning of the film, as the two begin to have romantic feelings and happily walk to the coffee shop.

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