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Dawn is the love interest of Sunny in Strange Magic.

She seem unaware of Sunny feeling, because she was considering him a friend, because he was fear to tell because of difference between them, because he's a elf and she's a fairy. She was hide from her sister after she had call off her wedding, it also seem she didn't have a real love interest of her own, because she a real charmer, she was victim of the love potion by falling in love with The Bog King, he bring her to his castle, witch make Marianne go save her, Sunny also go to save her, she was still on the potion effect. when she finally free from The Bog King, Sunny go to hug her and sing his song and free her from the spell realized she had feeling for him and was her true love, she kissed him just in front of her father who fall unconscious after see she finally was in a relationship with Sunny, she also tell her sister in a song to not gave up on true love and encorage Marianne to tell her feeling to The Bog King.

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