Daisy Rover Dangerfield
Daisy is the love interest of the titular character from the 1991 animated comedy film, Rover Dangerfield. She is voiced by Susan Boyd. She first meets Rover while tending to her duties at the farm next door, who takes and immediate interest in her. She initially is not interested at his attempted advances, though she found him to be quite humorous when he raced back to tend to the sheep in the scarecrow's trousers. She later breaks him out of his pin to show him that there's more to farm life than partying and gambling like in the big city. Overtime, she helps adjust life to the farm and soon grows to have feelings for him especially when showing concern for Rover whose missing his city life and his owner Connie. When Rover was framed for killing the farm's turkey and was to be put down, she became distraught. She is relieved to find him alive and unharmed after he saved the farmer from the wolves. When Rover expresses his love for her, she reciprocates his love and becomes excited to what life will be like being on the farm together working and exercising (to which Rover was not ecstatic over). But when Rover chooses to go back home to Connie in Las Vegas, she becomes disappointed and heartbroken . After Rover and his fellow canines get expose and get rid of Connie's now ex-boyfriend, he becomes depressed and grows bored of his life of luxury realizing he misses Daisy. Connie sees this and takes Rover back to the farm to reunite him with Daisy. She was at first disillusioned at his reasons for coming back but when he wholeheartedly expressed his true feelings showing that she was the most important thing in his life, she returns her feelings for Rover. She later takes him to the barn to which he discovers that he and Daisy are now parents to six puppies. By the end of the film while Rover teaches his kids how to play cards (Poker), Daisy coaxes him into chasing her across the farm with pups following close behind.
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