Courtney is one of the main characters of the Total Drama series. She is the former love interest of Duncan and Scott.



Duncan is one of the main characters of the series and is Courtney's former original love interest.

Courtney and Duncan develop feelings for each other in the first season, though Courtney initially denies her feelings. They become a couple halfway into season 1.

When Courtney returns to the competition in the second half of season 2, she is hostile with Duncan as she believes he cheated on her with Gwen which is untrue. The makeup near the end of season 2.

Duncan quits in the beginning of season 3 due to Courtney and Gwen's bickering. When Courtney and Gwen bring him back in the thirteenth episode of season 3 Duncan fed up with Courtney's bossiness cheats on her with Gwen. When Courtney finds out about the fair she becomes furious and dumps Duncan.

In season 5, Courtney doesn't even acknowledge Duncan's existence, while Duncan becomes obsessed with grabbing her attention and making her jealous with the latter causing Gwen to dump him.


Scott was the main antagonist of Total Drama Revenge of the Island and is Courtney's former new love interest.


  • Courtney became best friends with Gwen during Total Drama World Tour until she learned she and Duncan began to develop a secret romantic relationship. They later managed to reconcile their friendship in Total Drama All-Stars after Gwen makes several attempts to apologize to Courtney and both admit they miss each other, but there friendship ends again when Gwen learns that Courtney betrayed her, intending to vote her off the island so Courtney could further herself in the finals.
  • Courtney and Duncan were a couple through Total Drama Island to Total Drama World Tour.

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