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  Colin was Lisa's love interest in The Simpsons Movie


Colin is Lisa's ideal boyfriend. He's smart, plays several musical instruments and cares about the environment. Outside of this, he has no real characterisation.

Lisa met Colin while trying to spread environmental awareness. The two decided to team up and hold a presentation, only for Lisa to lose focus and obsess over Colin.

When Springfield forces the Simpsons into exile after being quarantined, Colin waits for Lisa. The two get together in the end after Homer saves the town.

Love Rivals

Millhouse Van Houten

Milhouse has long held a crush on Lisa. After being kicked out of Springfiled and sneaking back in, Milhouse tried to convince Lisa that Colin had died and his dying wish was that she get with Milhouse. This scheme didn't work, as Colin was standing right behind them.


  • Colin hasn't appeared in a major role since then
  • His dad is NOT Bono!