Clarice Disney

Clarice is a love interest of Chip 'N Dale who appeared in the cartoon, Two Chips and a Miss.


Clarice works and sings at a nightclub called the Acorn Club and very quickly causes for poor Chip and Dale to fall out over her - the only time Chip and Dale have ever worked against each other. Somewhat of an icon because of her brief starring role, Clarice is pretty, talented and keeps those troublesome chipmunks on their toes.

Disney parks

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Clarice can be seen as a meetable character at the parks.


Clarice appears in the Tokyo DisneySea version of the show.

Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage

Clarice, along with Chip 'n' Dale appear in the Easter in New York show for Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Other appearances

Disney UniBEARsity

Clarice appears in the UniBEARsity story Two Bears and a Kiss. In the story, she was responsible for providing Chip 'n' Dale the materials to make their teddy bears.

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