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Claire is the team member and love interest of Tucker in the comedy series Danger 5.


Claire represents Britain on the team. She's the most conservative member, as it's mentioned a few times she's still a virgin. Claire is usually the brains of the organisation, being able to figure things out with minimal violence. Despite this she has a habit of getting kidnapped.



While the team conspires to thwart the Third Reich and kill Hitler, Tucker tries impressing Claire. He's usually unsuccessful due to Claire being entirely focused on the mission at hand, with several missions ending with either another team member rescuing Claire or Claire rescuing Tucker.

When Claire is kidnapped and brought to Atlantis to produce an army of clones, Tucker gets his chance to show her what he's made of. Both Claire and her clone try reasoning with Tucker at gunpoint, but Tucker figures out who the real one is by playing a heartfelt melody, which made the real one cry.

Claire and Tucker get married sometime after bringing down the Third Reich. While on their honeymoon, they run into Hitler, who murders Claire for marrying Tucker. Distraught, Tucker starts carrying Claire's severed head around.

During a brief travel through time, Tucker manages to find Claire alive and well, but due to his break in sanity decides he'll kill his past self so he can claim her. The plan fails and past Claire dies as well.

In the end, Claire returns in spirit form and reunites with Tucker.


Hitler lusted after Claire due to her Aryan heritage. He'd hoped to deflower her, but once her found out she had married Tucker, who bragged about already consumating the relationship, Hitler went into a blind rage and had her beheaded. Claire eventually returns from beyond the grave to get her revenge on Hitler, sending him to Hell.


Mengele also lusts after Claire in the same manner as Hitler. After kidnapping the rest of the team, Mengele gives Claire an ultimatum, sleep with him or he'll feed her allies to his dinosaur army. Claire refuses, but luckily they all make it out alive.

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