Cindy Sanders is the love interest to Sam Weir in the teen sitcom Freaks & Geeks.


Cindy is a typical teen love interest. She's on the cheerleading squad and as such only hangs out with the pretty and popular students. She's too young to vote, but identifies as a republican.

Even though Cindy has a sweet and wholesome exterior, she's actually quite possessive and shallow.


Sam Weir

Cindy and sam

Sam spends most of the series pining for Cindy. He pulls a lot of embarrassing stunts in order to impress her, to the dismay of his friends. She likes him, but doesn't consider him boyfriend material until Todd breaks up with her.

When Sam does finally start dating Cindy, he begins to see her ugly side. She doesn't like the same things he does but expects Sam to like everything she does. Sam gave her a necklace that as a family heirloom, but Cindy didn't care for it since Sam didn't buy it. Sam breaks down in tears over how unhappy he is in their relationship, but after talking it out, decides that he'd rather be single than dating a girl who doesn't appreciate him. Cindy overreacts when she sees Sam hiding her love-bite and Sam blurts out that he isn't happy being with her. They break up.

Todd Schellinger

Todd was a school jock that all the girls were attracted to. Cindy confides in Sam that she likes him and Sam calls Todd a jerk. It's only after getting to know Todd that Sam admits that he's actually a decent guy and steps aside. The relationship fizzles out later on.

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