Christy Fimple

Christy Fimple is the deuteragonist and love interest of Alan Abernathy from the 1998 film, Small Soldiers. She is played by Kirsten Dunst who'll play Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man (2002-2007)


Christy is Alan's next-door neighbor. She is first seen at Alan's toy shop while she and her little brother, Timmy are shopping. She sees the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite action figures that can talk and move.

After the Commando Elite awaken from their boxes and destroy Alan's toy shop and Alan filling a complaint about his store. Major Chip Hazard while intercepting one of Alan's calls to Christy, one which she explains her current relationship with Brad, an older boy.

Major Chip Hazard and his troops were aware of Alan's interest of Christy, the Commandos decided to invade Christy's house, transform Christy's collection of Gwendy dolls into his female army.

Christy gets captured after her date with Brad, with Brad fleeing the house failing to save Christy, Alan and Archer was left to save her from the Gwendy dolls after Alan received a videotape of Christy being held hostage.

Alan and Archer manage to free her and after Christy kissed Alan twice for rescuing her, the three are chased by the Commando Elite in heavily armed customed vehicles, in the result of Major Chip Hazard losing his men and being deemed to Alan, Archer, & Christy that he was destroyed.

Alan, Christy and Archer arrive at Alan's house while Alan's father, Stuart yells at Larry for the Commando Elite and almost hurting his son. Hazard begins to destroy Alan's home by using a lot of vehicles and weapons to destroy Alan's home and Christy's home.

The Gorgonites flee the house and they begin to attack the Commandos and Hazard as Archer begins to take down his arch-enemy, Major Chip Hazard and Hazard and his Commando Elite begin to destroy Archer and the Gorgonites, but Alan manages to destroy Major Chip Hazard by jamming him into the powerline and triggering an EMP blast which destroys all of the Commando Elites and the Gwendy dolls.

As the police and firefighters clean up the mess, Alan and Christy realize that all the Gorgonites are dead. Fortenately, Archer and the Gorgonites survived the blast by hiding underneath Christy's satellite dish and Alan and Christy are happy with.

Alan sends Archer and his Gorgonites out to find Gorgon in a large toy boat and he wave goodbye to them. Alan and Christy continued dating at the end of the film.

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