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Christmas Jones is the main love interest of James Bond from the James Bond film, The World is Not Enough. Bond first meets Dr. Christmas Jones while investigating the terrorist Renard's presence at the facility. She treats Bond with a combination of mistrust and mild contempt, pre-empting a discussion of her unusual forename with a warning not to bother with any Christmas jokes and she has already heard them all. She arriving to the silo, Bond discovers Renard removing the GPS locator card and a half quantity of weapons-grade plutonium from one of it's nuclear devices. When Renard steals the bomb and flees, Bond and Christmas flee the exploding silo by using the weapon's locator card. Bond then discovers that the bomb has been stolen and in placed in the King oil pipeline attached to an inspection rig and is heading rapidly toward the oil terminal. She and Bond head to the pipeline to stop the bomb and she also realizes the plutonium is missing. The two jump out of the rig and a large section of the pipe that is destroyed by the remaining explosive charge. Bond and Jones were presumed killed and Elektra King decides to take advantage of the opportunity and kidnap M. She and Bond meet up with Valentin Zukovsky and the three head to Istanbul and discovered that Renard is planning to insert the stolen plutonium into a submarine's nuclear reactor and the nuclear explosion would also destroy Istanbul and trashing the Russians' oil pipeline in the Bosphorus. She and Bond were captured and Christmas gets taken aboard the submarine and Bond is taken to the tower and Elektra tortures him with a garrote. Zukovsky frees Bond, but Zukovsky gets shot by Elektra and Bond shoots Elektra and frees his boss. He then dives underwater when the submarine is about to go underwater and rescues Christmas. During the fight, the submarine starts to dive underwater and hits the bottom of the Bosphorus, causing the hull to rupture. Bond finally kills Renard and Bond and Christmas escape the submarine before the submarine detonates underwater. The two then celebrate Christmas in Turkey, culminating in a romantic liaison that is spied by Q using a new body sensor at the end of the film.

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