Chloe Simon

Chloe Simon is a character from Disney's 2000 live-action feature film 102 Dalmatians, the sequel to the 1996 live-action feature film 101 Dalmatians. She serves as the replacement for Anita Radcliffe. She is the owner of Dipstick, Dottie, and their three puppies Domino, Little Dipper, and Oddball. She is portrayed by Alice Evans.

She was the love interest of Kevin.

Role in the film

Chloe works as a probation officer who has to work with Cruella after her release. Cruella, now "Ella," rids herself of her old fur coats and the drawing of her in a Dalmatian puppy coat, and regularly meets Chloe.

However, she feels uneasy about Cruella's reformation, until Dipstick shows that he still remembers what Cruella almost did to him a few years before.

Chloe is present when she sees Dottie giving birth to three puppies: Little Dipper, Domino and Oddball (whom Chole remarks as such due to her lack of spots).

Chloe later meets Kevin at the Second Chance animal shelter. Kevin introduces Waddlesworth and The Gang to her, claiming that they have been able to help find homes for most of the dogs who arrive here.

Kevin then tries to ask Chloe on a date and Waddlesworth realizes that Kevin needs a little nudge.

After Kevin saves Oddball, who nearly fell out of an office window and Chloe asks if there is any way she can say thanks, the macaw intervenes and suggests dinner.

So, Chloe and Kevin eventually go on their date. Kevin later gets set up by Cruella who spent community service at Second Chance.

She is able to trick the authorities into thinking that Kevin kidnapped the puppies to frame her and collect the fortune.

Fortunately, Kevin escapes from prison with Waddlesworth's help, and he later meets up with Chloe. They learn that Cruella is headed to Paris and decide to follow her. However, they are soon captured by Cruella and imprisoned in her fur coat factory.

However, Alonzo, Cruella's former servant who helped with the theft of the puppies, decides that he doesn't want to work with Cruella anymore and reforms by helping Chloe and Kevin escape.

Near the end of the film, Chloe and Kevin receive an $8,000,000 paycheck from Alonzo for the dog shelter - on the judges orders, all of Cruella's money had gone to the dogs' homes of the borough of Westminster which "Second Chance" was the only one.

Chole then notices a few spots on Oddball. She mistakes Oddball's spots for ink and tries to rub it off. She realizes that they're real, and Chloe and Kevin congratulate Oddball for having her first spots.

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