P3 Chidori Render
Chidori Yoshino is a redeemed major antagonist in the video game Persona 3. She is a surviving experiment of the Kirijo Group's attempt to create artificial Persona users and a member of Strega, alongside Takaya Sakakiand Jin Shirato. She is also the love interest of Junpei Iori. Like all members of Strega, she can't fully control her Persona due to it being awakened artificially, and so needs to take suppressant pills to keep it from killing her.

She is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro in the Japanese version and Mona Marshall in the English version.


Like her comrades Takaya and Jin, Chidori is one of the three children who survived the Kirijo Group's attempts to create artificial Persona users. She is loyal to her comrades and frequently follows them during their assassinations, which she assists with using her sensory abilities. Despite this, she isn't particularly close to either of them and is only really with them because she has nowhere else to go, and because they share the same circumstance. Her only true "friend" is her Persona, Medea, to the point

While she appears alongside Takaya and Jin several times early in the game, her true introduction doesn't come in until Junpei finds her alone in Port Island Station, where she is sitting on a bench drawing. He sees her several more times over the course of the month, and eventually she gives him her name when he asks for it.


Chidori has long red hair with white ribbons, and oval-shaped brown eyes (amber in the P3 Movie). She carries a large red hand axe attached to a chain.

She also wears a black headband with a white ruffled style with a fake dagger attached, giving the illusion that her head has been impaled with it, a white style-like fabric collar with a black ribbon, a white long gothic lolita dress, white stockings, and high heeled shoes. When she is hospitalized, she wears hospital garb.

She is never seen without her headband, collar, and ribbons, although when she is hospitalized, the dagger on her headband is removed. In the manga version, Chidori is seen without her headband, collar, and ribbons.

In the movie, her ribbons on her hair and fabric collar are pink instead of white. She also appears to wear lavender eyeshadow.

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