Charlotte Hinchcliffe was Will's love interest in the E4 TV series The Inbetweeners


Charlotte is a very popular - and promiscuous - girl. She's an object of lust for all the boys in school, having had 11 lovers by the time she was 17 and recieving just as many Valentine cards. Unlike the other popular girls, Charlotte is nice to Will, despite his habit of screwing things up.


Will McKenzie

Will and Charlotte inbetweeners

Will and Charlotte

Charlotte takes a liking to Will after seeing how mature he is for his age. When she asks if he's a virgin, Will makes up some outlandish story of how he lost his virginity to impress her. The lie comes out when Will proves to be a disappointment in bed. Charlotte then dumps Will, but decides to stay friends with him.

Will continues to persue Charlotte, only to wind up with egg on his face at every turn. The last time Charlotte is seen, she tells Will that she wishes she had a boyfriend like him, only one that wasn't him. Will is left heartbroken by this.

Mark Donovan

Charlotte used to date Donovan the "School Psycho". Donovan obvoiusly liked her a lot as he kept chasing her even after she dumped him.

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