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Charlotte is the love interest of Butters in season 19 of South Park.


Due to America's immigration laws becoming more lax in recent years, Charlotte, her family and numerous Canadians are able to migrate to South Park. This gains them the ire of the locals. Cartman proposes that they try breeding the Canadians out and orders Butters to flirt with Charlotte, even though Butters isn't attracted to Canadians.

Butters is invited to Charlotte's house for dinner, where her father tells him that Canadians don't want to live in South Park. They were actually forced to leave their homeland after a flamboyantly-coiffed megalomaniac took over leadership. Butters grows to genuinely love Charlotte, finally having a girl in his life that sees the sweet and gentle soul that he is. Unfortunately, Butters and Charlotte are forced to separate when the president of Canada is raped to death by Mr. Garrison, making the nation a better place. Charlotte promises to write to Butters as she disappears over the horizon.

She appears in later episodes "Tweek X Craig" and "PC Principal Final Justice"

Charlotte and Butters maintain a long-distance relationship up until the girls all start getting harassed by an unknown troll. As a sign of solidarity, Charlotte breaks up with Butters. Butters then declares war on all the girls.


  • Butters tries to woo Charlotte with dialogue from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.

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