Charlene Davidson (better known as Charley) is one of the main characters of the animated franchise, Biker Mice from Mars. She is a mechanic and owns the Last Chance Garage. She is also a close ally and friend to the Biker Mice and is the main love interest of Vinnie.



Vinnie is one of the Biker Mice and is Charley's main love interest. Since arriving on Earth, Vinnie instantly developed romantic feelings for Charley and while she quickly became aware of Vinnie's affection for her, she playfully blew him off. Vinnie cares a great deal about Charley whenever she is in any danger and in some of the most dangerous circumstances shows his immense protection of her during the Back on Mars special when he finds out that Limburger has her captive. Vinnie is distraught and warns Limburger to not let his minions even touch Charley, showing how important she is to Vinnie. However, while Vinnie's feelings for Charley are strong and true, Vinnie still hasn't completely gotten over losing his first love, Harley a Freedom Fighter Mechanic and nurse who was kidnapped back on Mars and has been missing ever since.



  • Charley was originally voiced by Leeza Miller McGee in the 1993 version of the series.
  • In the 2006 version of the series, Charley got a brand new design.
  • In the 2006 version of the series, Charley is now voiced by Liza Zane.
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