Chane Laforet is the love interest of Claire Stanfield/Felix Walken in Baccano!. She is the daughter of Huey Laforet and is an excellent knife fighter. She joins her father's followers, the Lemures, in hijacking the Flying Pussyfoot train, despite disapproving of such acts. She communicates telepathically with Huey and, because she is mute, she communicates with others through her body language and written notes. She believes that her father is the only person to ever love her and is so devoted to him that, when offered to receive something in exchange for keeping Huey's secrets, she asked him to take her voice so that she would never betray him. After Claire Stanfield proposes to her aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, she tells him she will wait for him forever in Manhattan, intending to kill him. Chane is unsure how she should interpret the kindness she receives from Jacuzzi Splot and his gang, and is confused by Claire's continued professions of love. The time she spends with Jacuzzi and Claire changes her into a more open and straightforward person, and her world expands past the one that included only herself and Huey. She eventually falls in love with Claire, marrying him and adopting his new last name, Walken.

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