The Centaurettes

The Centaurettes first appeared during The Pastoral Symphony in Fantasia. The centaurettes were beautiful female horse-like girls of different colors who were in love with the male horse-like centaurs.


The centaurettes are first seen by the river and a waterfall. Some of them were swimming in the river and splashing each other for fun. The ones on dry land were assisted by the small cupid boys with their hair and makeup. The cupid boys see the centaurs and help the centaurettes look their best to attract the attention of the centaurs. Each centaurette was able to find a centaur to mate with, and are shown doing various fun activities with their new beaus.

The centaurettes and centaurs attend the Wine Festival honoring Bacchus, and help make the wine. Once Bacchus arrives, the centaurettes dance with him and the centaurs. One centaurette flirts with Bacchus and Bacchus pursues her. The other centaurettes tease him as well and laugh when Bacchus accidentally kisses his donkey, Jacchus. When Zeus arrives to torment them, they all take shelter under trees and in a cave. One centaurette saves a little unicorn that's trapped on a rock in the river before joining the others. Once Zeus departs, they watch the sun set before going to sleep.

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