Celia is the love interest of Hi Five Ghost from Regular Show.


She has shaved black hair with a long blue fringe and black eyes. Her skin color is peach. She wears a light purple top with a dark purple skirt. She also wears striped tights with purple shoes.


Four years ago, Hi Five Ghost met Celia at a cafe. After a brief conversation, they both realized they had a lot in common. Both began to like each other more after a day out together when they enjoyed doing their favorite things. As the day ended, High Five Ghost remarked how much he enjoyed the day and suggests doing it again, but Celia regretfully informs him she is leaving for Prague to continue her studies. Unfortunately, the only way for them to remain in contact with each other is through the use of a postcard because neither has a phone. They both agree that if they are still single in four years, they'll start again where they left off. Unfortunately, when Celia does send the postcard, Hi Five Ghost can't read it and goes on a mission to find where they are meeting up. Finally, they meet in the cafe where they first met and hold hands.

Relationship with Hi Five Ghost

They met four years ago in a coffee shop. She realized she had a lot in common with Hi Five Ghost, but after a day together she informed him that she had to go back to Prague to finish her studies abroad. She decides to send a postcard (that nobody can read) after four years, telling HFG where they should meet should they still be single. Finally, Hi Five Ghost gave up and went into the cafe where the two first met to drown his sorrows in a cup of coffee. Much to his surprise, he finds Celia waiting for him. They both comment on something that they have in common and hold hands.


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