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Celia Is the love interest of Oliver in Shakespeare play As You Like It. She is the daughter of the evil Duke Frederick who take the castle from her uncle. She also fall in love with Orlando when she and Rosalind meet him. After the fight her father banished her cousin she tried to defend her and convince her father to give her a second chance but failed. So she decide to follow Rosalind in her banishment and go in the woods with her her cousin decide to disguise herself to a boy named Gadymene and she accept to play his sister. So when Orlando give the bouquet to her cousin she see it was her his heart loved and accept the rejection. But when Oliver who was Orlando brother give the bloody sheet to Rosalind and she black out. Celia was talking with Oliver and was falling in love with him after he help her get down the tree. So when her cousin marry Orlando Celia marry Oliver and heard the news her father gave back the castle to her uncle. When she see him in the forest before get back to her husband she kissed her father on cheek and return dancing with everyone at the end of the play.

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