Cat Grant was the love interest of Jose Delgado a.k.a., Gangbuster from the Superman comics. She was originally hired as a gossip columnist at the Daily Planet after moving to Metropolis six weeks after her divorce to Joe Morgan. She had only one child, Adam Morgan, who came with her. She, Adam and Jimmy Olsen were kidnapped by Col and Superman rescues her. Cat meets Jose and begins dating him, but her son, Adam strongly dislikes him. While Jose is hospitalized after a rough battle with Metallo, Cat begs him to retire as Gangbuster, but he refuses. She was on scene and became WGBS's reporter announcing that Superman is dead. Jose becomes shocked about the news of Superman's death and Adam thinks it is a big deal, but Jose snaps at him for being a selfish kid and told him that Superman was a friend to everybody and Jose realizes that he is angry at himself for sitting on the sidelines. Cat broke up with Jose after Jose became Gangbuster again, and Cat's son Adam was killed later on. She held a grudge against Supergirl because of acting like a jerk. She eventually came to visit with her new secret identity of Linda Lang.
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