Cassie is the girlfriend of T.J. in Power Rangers Turbo and Later the wife of T.J.

She first meets T.J when they we're on a bus for a travel, they meet Tommy Oliver when the two were fighting a monster, they came to their rescue. Cassie was chosen to take Katherine's place as the new Pink Turbo Ranger, and team up with T.J, Justin, Ashley, Carlos And their friends, she was fighting the monsters of Divatox who was the sister of Dimetria. She became really close to T.J after he  gave her a purpose to protectect  him with her life, same if they are powerless after losing a battle, they flee into space.

In Power Rangers in Space. She was still a pink ranger, and became the Pink Space Ranger after they team up with the Red Space Ranger, Andros who was now the leader of the team, and her old team, TJ, who was now the Blue Space Ranger and the team's second-in-command, Carlos who was now the Black Space Ranger and her best friend, Ashley who was still a yellow ranger but now the Yellow Space Ranger. She stayed with T.J when he was injured by the Psycho Rangers and agreed to follow his plan by becoming Blue like him and tell the others, the plan works and they have been tricks, but they told them they will have their revenge. When T.J lost his memory because of the attack of one of Astronema's monsters, she wanted to stay with him but he didn't not recognize her, same as she leave him in the spaceship, but she was happy to see T.J is finally full recovered showing that she has feelings for T.J

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. She and the others return for a team up with the Galaxy rangers, she fights again with Psycho Rangers with her team, when they all believe the psychos rangers are gone, Psycho Pink survived. When Cassie meets Kendrix outside the library, She goes after psycho pink in her quest to the planet Rashon, but when the psycho pink takes Cassie's morpher's energy, Kendrix sacrifices herself to save her. After Kendrix sacrificed and said goodbye to the Galaxy and Space Rangers, she feels with remorse, Andros tells her that,that was not her fault, and that Kendrix would want her to keep fighting.

She appears with T.J as Cameos in Super Megaforce, That meaning she either is currently dating T.J, or they are married.

She is also best friends with fellow Ranger Ashley Hammond


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