Cassandra Wong

Cassandra Wong is the love interest of Wayne Campbell in Wayne's World and Wayne's World 2. In both films, she is played by Tia Carrere, who also was Nani Pelakai in Lilo & Stitch

Wayne's World

Cassandra is a hard vocalist and bassist. Wayne first met her while he and Garth are at a concert watching the band Crucial Taunt. The two begin a relationship that puts a strain on Wayne and Garth's relationship. During the interview for Cassandra, he writes messages that are very insulting and hurtful on the back of his cue cards. The two prepare a broadcast of a performance of Cassandra and her band in their basement using a satellite to the antenna aboard the limo of record executive Frankie Sharp. After Benjamin and Frankie arrive at Wayne's home for a sad conclusion, Wayne hears that his ex-girlfriend Stacy is pregnant and Wayne and Garth are almost destroyed in a house fire, but speaking directly to the audience they say it was a bad ending and decided to do another joke. Frankie gives Cassandra a six-record deal and Wayne and Cassandra kiss as they both begin to have romantic feelings in the end of the first film.

Wayne's World 2

Cassandra gets a new producer named Bobby Cahn who slowly tries to pull her away from Wayne and Cassandra breaks up with Wayne and gets engaged to Bobby on the rebound. Wayne escapes the festival in a parody of the ending scene from the 1967 film, The Graduate where Wayne goes to a church and call's Cassandra's name as Cassandra quickly escape with Wayne as she and Wayne returned to the festival as Wayne and Garth consult Morrison and they drive their car to find the bands, but a helicopter corner as they drive their car off a cliff in a parody of the ending scene from Thelma & Louise. The promised bands arrive and the whole event became a big success as Wayne and Cassandra are still a couple in the end of the second film.

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