Cass Lake
Cass Lake is the love interest of Ryan Harrison from the 1998 comedy film, Wrongfully Accused. She is played by Melinda McGraw.


Cass is first seen watching Ryan at a concert. Harrison evenutally encounters Cass, who is trying to retrieve something from behind a portrait. She tells him that she knows he is innocent and believes that Lauren is the killer, but will not tell her about it, due to the fact Lauren is her sister. She and Harrison had to investigate who is the killer, including his disabilities.  After the investigation, Harrison realizes that Cass, Lauren and Sean planning to kill McKintyre, but are caught. Cass shoots Harrison, but Harrison is actually pretending to be killed, because she has fallen in love iwth him. She and Harrison discover that Sean and Lauren were the murderers. She and Harrison manages to save McKintyre's life, but are caught by Lauren, Sean and the accomplices, but the SWAT team show up just in time to arrest the terrorists. Falls them tells Harrison that he was wrongfully accused and apologizes to him. Cass begins to have romantic feelings for Harrison and the two began a romantic relationship as they are riding on the bow a cruise ship, only to get bumped by their heads on a low bridge.

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