Carly is the love interest and later the wife of Spike Witwicky from The Transformers. She first met Spike and Bumblebee at the Robots Video Arcade, however, she was more interested in the Autobots than Spike, much to his dismay. Sometime later, she encountered Ironhide, who was standing guard during Wheeljack's Immobilizer test. She blamed herself for having the device getting captured by the Decepticons. Ironhide gave Carly a tour of the Autobot Headquarters. She was assigned on a solo mission to find the device, but she was captured. Ironhide, Bumblebee and Spike rescued her from the Decepticons and Carly was able to put her MIT studies to use and reverse the Immobilizer's operation to become a success. She begins to have romantic feelings for Spike and Spike begins to have romantic feelings for her too. She helped Spike and the Dinobots outwit Shockwave, but she twisted her ankle. Optimus Prime gave both Carly and Spike th title of honorary Autobots. She and Spike took Blaster along with them to a rock concert, but the miss a distress signal. She and Spike started searching the globe in Powerglide. But Megatron used the missing device to jam Earth's radio signals. Carly manages to use her knowledge to find the signal of the moon. While driving in Hoist, she and Spike stumbled on a film shoot and Hoist rescued some stuntment. She and Spike were hired to be their stuntmen, but the Decepticons chased them through the backlot by Megatron until Hoist manages to save Carly and Spike. In the future, she and Spike got married and had a son named Daniel. She and her family followed the trail to a secret Quintesson room with portals that lead to prison dimensions. She and Spike asked Rodimus to help Daniel overcome his bad dreams. She serves as the secondary brains of the Atuobots next to Prowl.

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