Carla Purty
Carla Purty is the love interest of Sherman Klump from the 1996 comedy film, The Nutty Professor and is played by Jada Pinkett Smith.

Her life

She was first seen when she ask "Professor Klump?" at his science class at Wellman College who Sherman falls in love with her.

At night, he asks Carla out on a date as she accepts. She shows admiration for Sherman.

After Sherman had a bad dream where he becomes a giant and destroys the city with a single fart and accidently lit on fire, he mixes a formula and drinks it which allows him to turn him extremely thin and goes by the name, Buddy Love as he invites Carla out on a date at the same club.

Before the formula begins to wear off, allowing him to change back into Sherman. After Carla asks Buddy to be in place of Sherman as Hartley and Dean Richmond are very impressed with his work.

After Buddy picks up three beautiful women, Carla became very upset and broke up with him and stormed out.

After the dean tells Sherman that Buddy will be in his place at the Alumni Ball, Sherman decided to destroy all of the formulas, so he can tell the truth.

But, what he didn't know that Buddy has hidden a sample in one of Sherman's diet cans. Sherman drinks it and transforming him back into Buddy.

Jason tries to stop him, but Buddy knocks him out and goes to the ball anyway. At the ball, Buddy shows everybody the effects of the formula, but Jason arrives just in time.

After Sherman battles Buddy, Sherman is transformed back into his normal self and everybody is shocked.

Sherman leaves, but Carla confronts him for lying to her and Sherman says that he didn't believe that she would accept him as Carla reconciles with him say that it doesn't matter if he's overweight or not.

By the end of the film, she and Sherman began dancing at the ball. She didn't appear in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, but it was assumed that she broke up with Sherman and she was replaced by Denise Gaines. This is probably because of her portrayer's pregnancy at the time.

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