Love interest
Carla Espinosa




Former: Nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. Current: Stay at home mother


Is one of the few people able to scare the Janitor


Gossiping, being a "den mother"


To raise a family

Type of love interest


Carla Espinosa is one of the a main characters on Scrubs. She is a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital, and the love interest of J.D.'s best friend, Turk.



Turk first meets Carla in the first Scrubs episode, My First Day. He is right away attracted to her, but she plays hard to get. She agrees to date him in the second episode, My Mentor, and the two have been a couple ever since. Although they often get into fights, they always find a way to make up at the end.

In My Philosophy, Turk proposes to Carla, and in His Story, Carla accepts. They get married in the Season 3 finale, My Best Friend's Wedding.

They do hit a snag in their relationship when Carla gets upset that Turk keeps talking to one of his ex-girlfirends, Rosanna, and Carla moves out, but she eventually forgives him, after realizes how she makes mistakes too, when she accidentally kisses J.D. when she was drunk.

In season 6, Carla gives birth to a daughter named Isabella, and sometime after season 8, she gives birth to another, unnamed girl.

Dr. Cox

In Season 1, Dr. Cox is shown to have a crush on Carla. It is later revealed that this is because the two dated a few years earlier, but Carla broke up with him, even though he still like her. However, when he realizes that she is in a serious relationship with Turk, he decides to get over her.

Love Rivals


Although this is usually more for comic relief, and Turk and J.D. are not really a gay couple, Carla often worries and gets annoyed that Turk neglects her to spend time with J.D. She has stated that she fears that one day, Turk will leave her for J.D. She even refers to J.D. as Turk's second wife. However, Carla has learned to accept the fact that Turk loves J.D. just about as much as he loves her, and she is also very close with J.D.


Carla became extremly jealouse when Turk constantly spoke to his ex-girlfriend Rosanna on the phone. She worried that their phone conversations would end up being much more. She eventually made Turk stop speaking to her. She becomes furious when she discovers Turk never told her that he is married. She moved out from their apartment, and even considered getting a divorce, before they made up.

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