Carbine is one of the main recurring characters of the animated franchise Biker Mice from Mars. She a former member of the Martian Army and later becomes the leader of the Freedom Fighters. She is also the main love interest of Throttle.


Carbine is tough as nails. She strongly wishes to save and protect her planet. Carbine is both serious and professional regarding her status as a General and tries not to let personal emotions effect her position, specifically her romantic relationship with Throttle. Carbine can also be very stubborn and can hold grudges in regards to certain situations such as when Stoker left Mars for years, refusing to allow the Regenerator to be moved to another planet or when she was fooled into believing Throttle and the Biker Mice betrayed and abandoned them. However, Carbine does comes to realize and acknowledge her mistakes. Despite her tough attitude, Carbine is kind and caring and has a sensitive heart, deeply saddened regarding her sepeartion from Throttle and was devastated when Throttle and the Biker Mice apparently "bretrayed" them. In regards to her romantic relationship with Throttle, Carbine greatly cares for him and enjoys flirting with him whenever they have a private moment, but isn't afraid to reveal publicly how she truly feels about him shown as she kissed him upon his release.



Throttle is the leader of the Biker Mice from Mars and is Carbine's main love interest and longtime boyfriend. While not much history is revealed, Throttle and Carbine have been in a long time committed romantic relationship and deeply care and love each other. The relationship between them is no secret as everyone is highly well aware of their romance as Modo and Vinnie enjoy teasing the couple whenever they share instense romantic moments together. Both Throttle and Carbine greatly care for each other's safety as Throttle immediately left to rescue Carbine when she sent a distress call during an attack and Carbine was devastated after Throttle and the others were captured during an ambush by the Plutarkians. Throttle and Carbine's relationship grows stronger where Throttle assures Carbine she will never lose him and in return promises to never leave her.

However, their relationship faces difficulties due to their different jobs between the Army and Freedom Fighters. Carbine was originally part of the Army in the fight against the Plutarkians, but later went over to the Freedom Fighters, seeing the army wasn't getting anyway after being inspired and her eyes opened by Throttle. Eventually at some point, Carbine became a General and Throttle became a Commander, making their relationship complicated forcing them to have balance their duty and romance. However, through unknown circumstances, Throttle and the other Biker Mice became separated from Carbine when they were taken prisoner and became stranded on Earth and decided to stay to further fight against Limburger and the Plutarkians as it was trying to take over Earth. However, unaware of the events and situations, Carbine instead believed that Throttle and the others abandoned them and was left heartbroken.

Despite their separation, Throttle still deeply loves Carbine and strongly wishes to return to continue the fight to save their world, but to also finally be reunited with Carbine, revealing it's one of his main and sole reasons to return to Mars. However, upon their return to Mars, Carbine and the other mice still believe that Throttle and the others abandoned them and have turned against them to work with Limburger and the Plutarkians. Throttle tries to explain the situation to Carbine and while she refuses to listen, it's shown that she still loves Throttle, but let's her distrust and stubbornness blind her to Throttle's heroic and genuine actions in trying to stop Limburger.

Eventually after once again recapturing Throttle and the others, Carbine decided they should be executed for their "betrayal". Charley tries to confess the truth to Carbine, but she still remains doubtful. However, when a frozen astroid approaches, Throttle manages to convince Carbine to him and the Biker Mice stop it and confesses that after everything that's happened between them, he has never forgotten what they meant to each other, in other words, Throttle admits he still loves her and promises he won't let her down. Carbine releases them and finally renews her and Throttle's relationship with a kiss thereby admitting she still loves him. Once destroying the astroid, Carbine finally acknowledges her mistake in doubting Throttle and the Biker Mice and is overjoyed when Water is brought back to the planet, thus saving it. Throttle and Carbine share a heartwarming embrace, but the Biker Mice must return to Earth to stop Limburger. Carbine is saddened to be once again separated from Throttle, but he assures her he will return someday.

Since then, Carbine and Throttle have resumed their romantic relationship, but it remains somewhat fragile and tense to the long distance between them. Throttle and Carbine have had harsh, intense and rocky moments in their relationship through many obstacles such as the war with the Plutarkians, their military positions and their separation, thus putting an occasional strain to their relationship. However, despite any difficulties between them, Throttle and Carbine are deeply in love and loyal, willing to wait until the day when the war is over and for them to truly be reunited. Eventually once the war with the Plutarkians ended, Throttle and the Biker Mice at long last returned to Mars and thus Throttle and Carbine were reunited, but discovered they had another threat to their planet from the Catatonians. The war between the Mice and Catatonians was due to the Regenerator, a device capable of restoring water to the planet Mars. However, with everyone's safety being endangered due to the Regenerator, Throttle believes it's better that it be moved to another planet, but Carbine is strongly against the idea as she doesn't want Throttle to leave Mars again.

However, when Throttle is proven right, Carbine agrees with his plan, but the Regenerator is taken by an unknown figure known as Nightshift and later the Regenerator is destroyed in attempts to retrieve it. Nightshift is revealed to be Stoker, the creator of the Regenerator and founder of the Freedom Fighters, who has been missing for ten years. Stoker confesses that the only way to rebuild a new Regenerator is back on Earth as it has the right materials needed to build a new one. With no other chose, Throttle and the Biker Mice are forced to return to Earth and thus once again separating Throttle and Carbine. The strain on their relationship returns due to their separation as well as their individual responsibilities to their military jobs. Throttle and Carbine's relationship is also used against them at one point as the Catatonians became aware of their romantic relationship and created a plan to capture Throttle and Carbine by getting the famous Catatonian shapeshifter, Catalina. She attempts to lure Carbine into a trap, making her believe Throttle is cheating on her with another female Martian Mouse, attempting to lure her to Earth while the Catatonians capture the Martian Mice.

Carbine is fooled in the beginning after acquiring "information" to use against the Catatonians when in reality it was part of the trap for Carbine as it contained an "email" between the unknown female Martian Mouse and Throttle to make her think Throttle was cheating and two-timing her. Later, Catalina arrives on Earth and disguises herself as a female Martian Mouse and begins to flirt with Throttle. During a call between Throttle and Carbine, Catalina appears to make Carbine further believe the ruse and almost succeeds as she and the Catatonians, appear to lure both Throttle and Carbine into their trap. However, they discover that Carbine and Charley learned the truth when Catalina revealed she was Stoker's niece when it's revealed that Carbine is actually Stoker's niece. Due to this, the Catatonians plot is foiled and Throttle and Carbine's relationship is restored. Carbine continues to miss Throttle very much, wanting him to return to Mars and develops a rivalry with Catalina as she later appears again having infiltrates the Martian Mice headquarters. Catalina teases Carbine about her and Throttle's relationship and reveals her plot that she intends to return to Earth disguised as Carbine as well as her intends of possibly stealing Throttle away from her.

Later, Carbine had arrived on Earth, informing Throttle he has gained a promotion and has now become a General himself. However, due to Throttle's promotion, it means that the Biker Mice from Mars have to break up as Throttle needs to return to Mars to assume his new position while Modo's nephew, Rimfire takes Throttle's place on the team as leader. While it's not downright revealed, Carbine was secretly happy about the arrangement as it would mean Throttle would return to Mars and they could be together again. During the visit, while Throttle was happy to see her, his and Carbine's relationship was rocky, trying to act professional due to their jobs, but Throttle was hurt of Carbine's constant disregard of breaking up the Biker Mice, thus letting it affect their personal relationship.

Carbine tries to assure Throttle and the others of the arrangement, but Throttle becomes angry with her when Rimfire and the Biker Mice are captured. Throttle attempts to leave to rescue them and after a brief confrontation with Carbine, Throttle, Carbine and Charley all leave together to rescue them. Throttle and the girls manage to find their location and while they were quickly ambushed, Throttle and Carbine shared a romantic moment, caught up in each other's presence while completely forgetting the multiple missiles firing until they were reminded by Charley. Eventually once rescuing the Biker Mice and Rimfire, Carbine eventually decided to hold off on Throttle's promotion, seeing their truly are the best team when working together. Carbine and Rimfire returned to Mars, but unknown to anyone, Carbine secretly shed a tear, upset about leaving and being sepearated from Throttle once again.






  • Carbine is revealed to be Stoker's niece in the 2006 series of Biker Mice From Mars.
  • Once Upon a Time on Mars reveals how Carbine got the scar on her face.
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