Burn is the love interest of Chet in Turbo. She is a garden snail and is one of Whiplash crew. She is a very smart snail. She first met Chet and Turbo after the two were snatched by a crow and the two snails entered a down strip mall and were captured. In the film, she and the other snails help Turbo and Chet race fast from the villainous Guy Gagne. She also smiths with Chet, like throwing plastic flame on him, kissing him through a cup, and while heading towards the race, she appears on the windshield wipers, and showing Chet full affection, saying he's her boyfriend and will call him boo, much to Chet's confusion. During the race, Gagne tries to kill the two and Turbo loses his speed power. Chet eventually got his own speed powers and helps Turbo beat Gagne to win the race. Turbo has won the race, got his superspeed powers, with the crew getting newly built shells, and Burn and Chet became a couple as the Whiplash crew celebrate their victory. She is voiced by Maya Rudolph.She is the only female in Whiplash Crew.In the series Chet and Burn are dating


Burn is fast, intelligent, and sarcastic. She oftens refers to Chet as "boo".


Burn was rumored to be Theo's love interest.

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