Bruma 001

Bruma was the first choice of love interest for Xiro (much to the dismay of Kairel, the only other lioness aside from Xiro's mother who doesn't count) in the 2007 Argentine film "Noah's Ark" or "El Arca". She is an anthropomorphic brownish-gray lioness who bullies Kairel and is vivacious, attractive, and sexy but unkind, selfish, vain, snobby, rude, cold-hearted, arrogant, and mean. Before she leaves on her way to the ark, she taunts Kairel, saying:

"You can save your speeches for some other time. Now that you're going to die from drowning, I would love to tell you a few things. First of all, I hated you for efficiency and intelligence. And in case you don't know what a mirror is, you are fat."

When Kairel goes to join them, while pausing to taunt Kairel, a hippo falls, crushing her and causing her to fall in the water and eventually drowned in the flood for a well deserved death. In the film, she is voiced by Inés Blázquez in the European Spanish dub and then Heidi Harris in the English dub (who also voiced Xiro's mother, Queen Oriana).

Bruma's taunting Kairel (especially by her last words "And in case you don't know what a mirror is, you are fat.") doesn't really count her as a villain, but rather, just an anti-heroine and bully.

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