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Bruce Banner a.k.a. The Hulk is a member of the Avengers and Natasha Romanoff's love interest in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Bruce Banner was subjected to an experiment involving gamma radiation. The experiment was intended to replicate the one that created Captain America, but the data analysts neglected to notice that the experiment was only effective because Captain America had a certain mindset that Bruce lacked. From that day onwards, Bruce would transform into the Hulk whenever he was agitated, compelling him to withdraw from civilisation out of fear of causing harm.


Bruce Banner is one of the smartest scientists on the planet, rivaled only by his teammate and good friend Tony Stark. In the years since gaining the ability to turn into the Hulk, Bruce has managed to channel his rage so that he can now transform at will. This method isn't entirely foolproof, as he can lose what little control he has if he's brainwashed.


Betty Ross

Betty was a colleague of Bruce who witnessed his first transformation into the Hulk. When he came down and saw her in the hospital suffering from serious injuries, Bruce decided to run away. He kept in touch with Betty and other scientists in the hopes that they could research a cure for his problem. When Bruce felt confident that a cure was imminent, he came back to reunite with Betty, who was seeing someone else. Their relationship was again put on hold as the military forced Bruce to transform again and fight their own monster-man in a crowded city. Bruce and Betty have well and truly lost touch by now.

Natasha Romanoff


Bruce and Natasha

Natasha first met Bruce in India. She had been tasked with drafting him into the Avengers team, though Bruce suspected that he was only valued for his Hulk abilities. Their relationship is entirely platonic for awhile, but a few years later Natasha develops feelings for Bruce and casually flirts with him. Bruce tells Natasha that he's not fit for a relationship, given his exposure to gamma radiation but Natasha feels confident that she of all people can handle him.

Natasha hulk

Natasha soothes the Hulk

After Bruce is brainwashed into destroying half of a city, he starts putting distance between himself and Natasha. In the end, when Bruce has the opportunity to run and hide once again, he takes it, as he feels that he'll never be able to escape the Hulk's destructive tendencies.


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