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Malcasablanca Malcasablanca 3 November 2013

More Pages

Okay, so it's starting to look a little static on this wiki. At the moment I'm too busy to create any new pages so I'm issuing a challenge to all contributors: Create as many love interest character pages as you can by the end of the month. The contributor who produces not only the most pages but also the most detailed pages will be promoted to admin. By detail I mean adding photos, biographies, list of romantic suitors/love rivals and maybe even a character quote if you can find one.

To the anonymous wikia contributors out there, now's the time to pick a username if you want to have some creative control.

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Malcasablanca Malcasablanca 7 October 2013

Pages Needed

To all wikia contributors, there are several love interests that do not have their own pages.

Here's a list:

  1. Lana Lang
  2. Lori Lemaris
  3. Carol Stills
  4. Helene Beesly
  5. Katy(The Office)
  6. Val (The Office)
  7. Black Cat
  8. Estella (South Park)
  9. Larry Feegan
  10. Ms. Stevenson
  11. Tammy Warner
  12. The Queef Sisters
  13. Lisa (The Inbetweeners Movie)
  14. Chloe (The Inbetweeners)
  15. Daisy (The Inbetweeners)
  16. Lauren Harris
  17. Jeanette (HIMYM)
  18. The Mother
  19. Zoey Pierson
  20. Alicia (Rocko's Modern Life)
  21. Dr.Hutchinson
  22. Sheila (Rocko's Modern Life)
  23. Rachel Green
  24. Cadence Flaherty
  25. Heather(American Pie)
  26. Selena Vega
  27. Stifler's Mom
  28. Vicky Lathum

Anyway, if there's anyone here who knows enough about any of these characters to create pages for them, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 20 June 2013

Ted Love Interests

In the R-rated movie "Ted" (which, by the way, as an individual, I shouldn't watch), in one group, which is the love interest?

John Bennett or Lori

And in the other, is it...

Ted or Tami-Lynn?

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 10 April 2013

Another Question

In "Treasure Planet", which is the love interest? Captain Amelia or Dr. Doppler?

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 2 March 2013

Now Which?

Now, which one is the love interest of these two? Molly, who might have been one of Serena/Usagi's friends in school, or Negaverse Warrior Neflite?

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 21 December 2012

Zoycite and Malachite

Which of those two workers for the Negaverse in the first "Sailor Moon" series is the love interest? Zoycite or Malachite? What is a problem with adding Zoycite is that in the original Japanese version, Zoycite is male like all members (except their queen, of course), but because of him/her and Malachite being lovers, he is a female in the English dub.

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 7 November 2012

Sgt. Calhoun

Just so you know, before I make my point, I'd like to warn you, I never saw "Wreck-It Ralph".

For this, I've decided not to add Sergent Calhoun's page to this wiki until I can possibly add much information about her without plagiarism. Otherwise, maybe someone who has seen it can do it. What made me familiar with her voice actress wasn't what she was known for. It was for her role as Alice, one of the Canada Goose sisters in "Rio". "How do you know they are sisters?" any of you may ask me. Simple. If you studied any Portuguese, you'd get the information from the Portuguese-language article of "Rio" and find "irmã" means "sister" in said language.

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 22 September 2012

Xiro Rather Than Kairel

I haven't actually seen the "El Arca" movie, as the only English version that's up is out of sync (and who cares by how much?), but would it have been better if Kairel's page was removed and instead Xiro's was added? It is like he is her love interest, but he doesn't accept her until he learns the error of his ways and until his first choice, Bruma, dies from getting squashed and drowning.

I warn you. I could be mistaken. When I uploaded the "Kairel" article, I wasn't even aware of a "Main Character Love Interest" or whatever.

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Interstate2011 Interstate2011 19 September 2012

In "Charlotte's Web"

Which human character is the real love interest in E.B. White's "Charlotte's Web" and all film adaptions? Fern Arable or Henry Fussy? The Wikipedia article says in the book, Fern is fond of Henry, while in both film adaptions, she accepts his invitation to riding on the Ferris wheel at the fair when he buys two tickets for himself and her.

Fern appears more times in the book and movie and is more of a major character than Henry. So Henry deserves to be the love interest.

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Queen Misery Queen Misery 6 August 2012

Some Love Related Topics / Ideas (Discussion)

As a new admin on this wiki I don't wish to rush into changes but I have thought of a few potential articles off the top of my head - I admit I'm not normaly a romantic and tend towards "dark" fiction, however I know enough about the concept to at least provide some ideas: I wanted to use this blog first so people can discuss if these are good enough to be articles or if they are not needed in the wiki.

  • 1 True Love's First Kiss
  • 2 Knight In Shining Armor
  • 3 Happily Ever After
  • 4 Fairy Tales, Myths and Folklore

The concept of "true love's first kiss" is as old as time and appears in countless fairy tales, most famously Sleeping Beauty - more modern versions can be found in Shrek or other works (both parody and serious) - as such I think it deserves an …

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