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Black Cat (real name Felicia Hardy) is a renowned cat burglar and the third love interest of Spider-Man in the Spider-Man comic and television series.

Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Black Cat (90s Animated Series)

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Black Cat appears as a minor recurring character of the series.



She first met Spider-Man on the same night. She felt a kinship with the lone hero. She even grew to love him. She was attacked by Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man takes her to the hospital as the doctors operated on the dozens of wounds. Peter begins to have romantic feelings for her and she and Peter began a relationship and Peter sometimes didn't need to hide his life as Spider-Man. She was offered an opportunity to undergo a process similar to creating the Scorpion and the Fly. She eventually rekindled her relationship with Spider-Man but their relationship didn't last long as Black Cat moved to Europe as Peter began a new relationship with Mary Jane Watson.

Felicia, will have a hard time accepting that Peter is with MJ, and will end up intertwining a relationship with his best friend Flash Thompson for the sole purpose of hurting him to make Peter sick. Over time the cat will let go of these petty revenge, and will once again have a friendly relationship with Peter, despite the fact that it is clear that she still has feelings for him.

Eventually she and Flash will break when he discovers his double life. Felicia was disappointed when Peter was unmasked during the civil war, because knowing her identity made her feel like they still had a special bond.


Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Spectacular Spider-Man

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