Birdwell is the love interest of Kronk, in Disney's 2005 film, Kronk's New Groove, the sequel to the 2000 film The Emperor's New Groove. She is voiced by Tracey Ullman.


Birdwell has the attitude somewhat similar to a normal troop leader; however, she runs her troop in military-type form.

She was very kind and helpful to her "Chippers" and wouldn't let anything happen to them, especially to the point of not letting Kronk and the other Chipmunks ruin their events.

Other qualities she shows are order, determination, seriousness, and knows how to reprimand someone (Tipo) when she needs to.


Birdwell has a round head with big dark eyes, a large nose and a wide mouth. She has black hair that is tied in a bun and stays that way throughout the film.

She is lean and tall, with thin arms, string legs and very large feet. Clothing wise, she wears a tan troop dress and an orange neckerchief around her neck and orange belt. She also wears a tan hat with an orange trim as well.

Kronk's New Groove

Birdwell is first seen in Kronk's flashback of Camp Chippamunka. Unlike Kronk, she is shown to be more into the competition than letting her "Chippers" have fun.

After a brief squabble with Kronk when they first meet, she comes to adore him and falls in love with him and they gradually spark a romance together.

However, when Tipo, one of Kronk's Chipmunks, pulls a prank to win the camp tournament and is caught by Birdwell, Kronk protects the boy at the cost of alienating his love.

Back to the present, Tipo feels guilty and runs off to find Birdwell. In the end, Kronk sees Birdwell again, finally wins her love and she eventually marries him.

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