Beth Tezuka is the love interest of Chris from Bravest Warriors. She is the only female member of the group. She is also his best friends ever since childhood. Chris has an obvious crush on her, she is oblivious. Beth is very possessive of Chris. She and Chris kiss in the episode, "Memory Donk" when they both lost their memories, but when Beth regains her memories while kissing Chris, she retaliates by saying they're just friends. However, in "Bravest Warriors Comic #20", she finally acknowledge her feelings to Chris when the tractor beam pulls the bravest warriors. Beth convinced Chris to come with them and tells him "I Love You" showing that Beth has romantic feelings for Chris as she returns her feelings to Chris. In the episode, "Hamster Priest", she comes back to her dimension, she stammers whilst trying to say that Chris and Plum were frenching, possible being jealous of Plum as Beth is part of the love triangle. She is shown to have a crush on Chris in the entire series.


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