Designs to Bekka by duss005

Bekka was the New God of Love as well as the love interest of Orion in the New Gods series As well as Batman.



Bekka's original design

Bekka grew up in the slums of Apokolips, her father was Himon, the New God of Science. Bekka and her father were part of a rebellion to stop Darkseid's reign of terror, using the Mother Box devices that Himon had constucted.

Bekka has the ability to make men fall in love with her, but only if they keep their hearts closed to anyone else. She in turn falls for them just as much. This ability has no effect on Superman, who's heart belongs to Lois Lane, or Darkseid, who is now completely incapable of love. When the New Gods were slaughtered, she was among the first victims.

In Other Media


Bekka as Wonder Woman

In Justice League: Gods and Monsters, set in an alternate world, Bekka is Wonder Woman. She was betrothed to Orion as part of a peace deal between New Genesis and Apokolips. She grew to love Orion after he made her a sword and showed her his softer side. Once they were married, New Genesis broke their treaty and attacked Apokolips, with Orion getting caught in the crossfire. Upset, Bekka deserted New Genesis and settled on Earth, where she became a member of the Justice League. She then develops a relationship with Steve Trevor, though this soured over time. There are also hints of romance with Superman, but neither acts on their feelings.



Bekka came across Orion after being fatally wounded by Darkseid. She nursed him back to health and upon realising that her prescence was calming his violent tendencies, he grew to love her. This love would torment Orion, for he felt that his true, ugly face would frighten her. Bekka showed no fear when Orion revealed his hideous features, claiming that his gentleness was all she needed. Orion took Bekka away from Apokolips and they were wed. Even after finding out that Bekka had cheated on him with Batman, the often-violent Orion could only forgive her.


While on the trail of Scarecrow, who had been kidnapped by Darkseid's minions, Batman formed an alliance with Bekka. Batman was incredibly aroused by her prescence, the feelings he felt for her were possibly stronger than the ones he normally had for Catwoman. Bekka commented that she was well aware of the effect she had on Batman because her powers meant that she was falling for him as well. After avoiding capture repeatedly and Bekka's near-death, her powers prove to be too much. The two give up all resistance and make love. Towards the end of the story, Batman begins to feel the effects of Bekka's spell wearing off.

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