Bazan is a minor character in New Dr. Slump (the remake of Dr. Slump), she is a self-proclaimed princess of the jungle and the love interest of the Grandpa Norimaki (Jubei Norimaki). She is a woman with a considerable amount of money, but lives in the jungle because it feels more connected with nature, she meets Arale and grandpa Norimaki and invites them to her house, teaches them the large number of modern machines you own, which amazes grandfather because they did not know modern technology. Jubei Norimaki in love with Bazan and ask to be married with he, but Bazan rejects because he was not being sincere, then Jubei Norimaki, apologizes with Bazan and says he actually knew anything was modern technology, She accepts his apology and says it's okay, not conosca technology, he would ask Bazan to happen with, but Arale arrives thinking that what Grandpa wanted was to see her panties and blows a gust of wind lifted the skirt Bazan. She gets angry and walks away, cause the sad in grandpa, later when the townspeople are riding a play, Bazan returns and asks Jubei Norimaki to marry her and he happily accepts.

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