2003 Love Actually 110

Aurélia is the love interest to Jamie in the British romantic comedy Love Actually


Aurélia is a Portuguese housekeeper working at the cottage where Jamie retreats to after his fiancée cheated on him. Aurélia doesn't speak a word of English and initially Jamie doesn't pay her much attention. One day, Jamie is working on a novel by the lake when his papers get blown away. Aurélia jumps into the lake and retrieves as many pages as she can. In the heat of the moment, Jamie decides to join her. The two start talking in their native tongues, which to the audience reveals just how in tune they really are. Afterwards, Jamie stops treating Aurelia as a housekeeper and more like a friend. On Aurelia's last day in England, Jamie drives her to the airport. They have a tender moment, but due to the language barrier don't feel comfortable acting on their feelings. Jamie realizes he loves Aurélia and stars learning Portuguese in the days leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Jamie travels to Portugal and tries to find Aurélia. He meets her family and they take him to the restaurant where Aurélia is working. Using a slightly pidgined version of Portuguese, Jamie confesses his love for Aurélia and proposes to her. Aurélia says "yes" in English.

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