Atta is the deuteragonist and the love interest of Flik in A Bug's Life. She is the oldest of two daughters of the queen of the ant colony and therefore the heiress. She is often stressed out over certain things. She is voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus who later voiced Rochelle in Disney's Planes.

Atta and Flik know each other from the start of the movie, though Atta only thinks of Flik as an annoying ant who always messes things up. Flik, on the other hand, has an obvious crush on Atta. Atta, however, dislikes him, and she even lets him go on a journey to find bigger bugs to help them fight the grasshoppers hoping to get Flik out of trouble.

However, Flik does come back with bigger bugs, which were thought to be warriors. Atta is at first shocked, and a little upset that Flik returned alive, but is willing to have these bugs fight the grasshoppers for them. After Flik and the "warrior bugs" save her sister Dot, She gives Flik an idea of how to get rid of the grasshoppers for which he thanks her and kisses her on the cheek to which she is touched. When the "warrior bugs" announce that they are going to build a mechanical bird to scare off the grasshoppers, the ants all help to build it. Atta and Flik bond while working on this bird, and the two really begin to like each other. However, this changes when Atta finds out that not only are these bugs circus bugs and not warrior bugs, but she finds out Flik knew this the whole time, and didn't tell anyone. Atta banishes a broken hearted Flik.

Flik later returns after learning of Hopper's plan to squish the Queen, and is able to lead the ants into a revolt against the grasshoppers. When a rainstorm suddenly breaks out, Flik is captured by Hopper. Atta rescues him and the two are able to lure Hopper to the nest of a real bird.

The next spring, Atta and Flik are a couple after Atta kisses him on the cheek, showing that she loves him. Atta becomes the new queen of the ants, and chooses Flik to be her mate.

Atta kissing Flik to return her feelings to him

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