Atlanta is one of the main characters of Class of the Titans. She is one of the seven teens destined to defeat Cronus and she is known as The Hunter. She is also the main love interest of Archie.



Archie is Atlanta's main love interest. Archie and Atlanta first met during the three part series premiere and have since gradually developed a close friendship and relationship. However, unknown to Atlanta, Archie secretly harbours romantic feelings for her which quickly becomes obvious to everyone who constantly tease him. Throughout the series, Atlanta remains oblivious of Archie's romantic feelings feelings for her, while at the same time she is unaware that she feels the same way about him shown as she became jealous when Archie became attracted to Aphrodite. Eventually towards the end of the series in the episode, The Deep End, Archie finally confesses his true and strong romantic feelings for her and asks if her feels the same way. However, Atlanta is unsure as she doesn't want to ruin or lose their friendship, causing Archie to believe Atlanta doesn't share his feelings and swims away. Due to this, Atlanta is forced her to finally confront and acknowledge how she really feels about Archie. Atlanta finally realizes her feelings and goes to find Archie, only to find him caught in a trap.

During fight between them and the sea god Scamander, Archie and Atlanta became extremely worried about each other and Atlanta comes to fully realize her feelings, finally acknowledging she is in love with Archie after nearly losing him. Once the fight has ended Archie and Atlanta share a private where Atlanta admits she is happy she didn't lose their chance of being together. Both Archie and Atlanta happily sit together holding hands and finally become a couple.




  • She is a descendant of Artemis.
  • Archie and Atlanta are the secondary couple of the series.

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