Asuka Tenjouin is a supporting character in YuGiOh GX. In the American version she's known as Alexis Rhodes.


Asuka is an Obelisk Blue student, one of the highest-ranking students at Duel Academy. She lives for Duel Monsters and is determined to stand out not as a girl but as a gamer. This is at odds with her being considered the prettiest girl in the academy. She uses Cyber-woman cards in the anime and Cyber Ice cards in the manga.


Judai Yuki

Judai Yuki was Asuka love interest in the anime.

Jun Majoume

Jun a.k.a. Chazz Princeton, was originally part of Asuka's class. In the anime, after suffering one defeat too many, he dropped out, acquired new cards and came back in the bottom class, Slifer Red. Towards the end of first year, he got it into his head that she was in love with him. Jun then teamed up with Asuka's brother to help woo her by beating her in a duel. Things don't go according to plan and he spends the rest of his time at the academy awkwardly tryng to flirt with her.

Daichi Misawa

Daichi, a.k.a. Bastion, has a crush on Asuka in the manga. He's in Ra Yellow, the class directly below Asuka's. Daichi once dueled Asuka's friend Judai for the right to her phone number. Daichi loses but still obtained her phone number due to Judai.

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