Ashley Hammond

Full Name

Ashley Hammond



Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color





Power Rangers Turbo


Angel Grove High School Cheerleader (formerly)
Power Ranger (currently)
Andros' love interest


Hanging out with her friends
Saving the world
Spending time with Andros


Auto Blaster
Turbo Blade
Turbo Navigator
Astro Blaster
Star Slinger
Yellow Galaxy Glider
Battle Blade/Battle Arm

Ashley Hammond is the love interest, later girlfriend, and later wife of Andros from Power Rangers in Space.

Her Story

She was also the second Yellow Turbo Ranger in Power Rangers: Turbo. She was an Angel Grove High School Cheerleader and was seen helping the terrified citizens of Angel Grove get to safety during one of Divatox's major attack on the city. She was chosen to take Tanya Sloan's place as the new Yellow Turbo Ranger.

After the destruction of the Power Chamber, she, TJ, Carlos and Cassie left Earth for outer space in a NASADA space shuttle (excluding Justin who chose to stay with his dad), powerless but ready to fight to save Zordon.

She and the other Rangers meet Andros the Red Space Ranger on the Astro Megaship and the Rangers were given new powers as she became the Yellow Space Ranger and commanded the Mega V-4 (Saucer) Zord.

When the Space Rangers, headed back to Earth, she enjoyed showing Andros her hometown. She discovered that he was telekinetic after Andros telekinetically poured hot sauce in Bulk's milkshake. She teaches Andros how to play billards. She begins a romantic relationship with Andros.

On her birthday, the monster Body Switcher had managed to make Astronema look like Ashley and vice-versa. Also Andros gave her a necklace from KO-35 for her birthday and they shared their first hug.

Ashley escapes and warned her friends about Astronema looking like her. She eventually got her morpher back.

Ashley was very interested in learning how to use telekinesis and Zhane was happy to teach her. However their spending time together resulted in Andros believing there was something romantic between them, creating a void between the Red and Silver Rangers. But Zhane soon explained that he and Ashley were just friends and they repaired their friendship.

She and the other Space Rangers received a distress signal from Alpha 6 about the return of the Psycho Rangers and she and the other Space Rangers teamed up with the Galaxy Rangers to battle them once and for all.

She and the other Space Rangers said goodbye to the Galaxy Rangers. This reveals that she is currently dating Andros. She serves as the primary love interest for Andros.


  • She was originally suggested to share a love interest with Carlos, but that idea finally was rejected, and they only remained as friends.


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