Aseefa is Sheen's second love interest in Planet Sheen and voiced by Soleil Moon Frye. She was replaced by Libby Folfax.


Aseefa is a young and very pretty female Glimmorian warrior. Aseefa has light blue skin with pointed ears. She has pinkish-purple lips and magenta eyes. Aseefa has dark blue eyebrows and long dark blue hair that is styled into braid that goes all the way down to her knees and ends in a yellow band and a brown chained circlet with a gold circle.

Aseefa's attire resembles that of a gladiator's. Assefa has a gold-colored sleeveless shirt with a V-shaped collar.

She has a brown belt with a gold belt buckle, and a skirt with flaps with gold circles for each flap. There is a pair of short tights underneath her skirt. She has brown strapping sandals that go up to just below her knee.


Sheen Estevez

Sheen and Aseefa have a very strong friendship. They both enjoy spending time with each other. Aseefa will sometimes support Sheen on his ideas, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Sheen will, in turn, help her with conflicts that she couldn't do herself, like looking after her pet or helping her in a dance act. Aseefa has shown to have a hopeless crush on him on multiple occasions, much like Sheen has to her and vice versa.


Assefa is super smart and pretty, sweet, kind, daring, brave, adventurous, assertive, heroic, and strategical. She is the last person who you'd want to take advantage of. You wouldn't be able to do it anyways.

Aseefa is always willing to help out others and is great at doing it. She cares deeply for those who she's close to. At the same time, she's a tough girl and is a force to be reckoned with.


  • Aseefa slightly resembles Neytiri from the popular film "Avatar", but it is a coincidence as her character was designed before the film was released.
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