Arisa Uotani is one of recurring characters Fruits Basket series. She is best friend with Tohru Honda and Saki Hanajima. She is the love interest of Kureno Sohma.


Kureno Sohma

Arisa works a couple of different part-time jobs during the series; at one of them, in a convenience store, she meets Kureno Soma and is immediately attracted to him, though she worries about their nine-year age difference.

They meet a second time a few days later, when he nearly kisses her after buying her lunch, but after that he refuses to see her again because of his promise to stay with Akito and she tries to get over him. When Kureno leaves Akito, Arisa helps him move out, telling him that she has been waiting for him all this time, and in the final chapter she is preparing to move in with him.



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