April O' Neal

April was the main love interest is Casey Jones in every TMNT.

her story

In the first live-action TMNT film, April (played by Judith Hoag) was a television reporter working for Channel 3 news under Charles "Chuck" Pennington, doing an investigative series on mysterious thefts in New York City whose culprits vanished without a trace.

One night while leaving work, she was accosted by teenage thieves in league with the Foot Clan, but the Turtles appeared and saved her under the cover of darkness.

In the aftermath April discovered and grabbed Raphael's lost sai. Raphael soon followed her to retrieve the weapon and saved her again when she was attacked by a group of Foot Ninja in the Subway.

During the attack April was knocked unconscious while trying to fight them off with her purse. Unsure what to do with her, he carried her to the Turtles' sewer lair.

Though afraid at first, she eventually came to regard the Turtles and Splinter as friends, even letting them stay in her apartment after the Foot Clan discovered and destroyed their sewer dwellings.

Mirroring the Mirage Studios storyline, April was fired from her news job and the Foot once again attacked the Turtles in the antique shop, prompting April, the Turtles, and Casey Jones to retreat to her family's farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts.

She kept a journal documenting their forced sabbatical in addition to drawing sketches of the Turtles.

She grew extremely close to the four brothers: Michelangelo, who initially confessed to having a crush on April, later addressed her as "Sis," indicating the role she had come to occupy in the Turtles' family.

During their respite, April also developed a kind of love-hate relationship with Casey Jones.

By the end of the film, she accepts her attraction to him and in the aftermath of Shredder's defeat as well as getting her job back (she had been fired earlier in the film), April asks Casey for a kiss.

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